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Here Goes!

Recently I proposed an idea. Before Rabbit and Mitten even opens, we could begin selling some of the experiences and products that will make our hotel so special. After receiving lots of positive feedback, we decided to go for it! (A huge THANK YOU to everyone who commented or emailed with encouragement, advice and ideas!)

We'll be offering things from two different categories:

1) Curated local experiences or adventures, like the ones we'll be organizing as

options for our hotel guests

2) Kits that solve some type of home keeping problem in a natural and/or

innovative way

If it makes sense for you to purchase anything we offer over the next few weeks, you'll be helping to get our little hotel up and running sooner and better. But honestly, if this isn't for you, we're still thrilled to have you on board and tracking with Rabbit & Mitten's progress.

Before I go on, let me clarify that we are not involved any type of multi-level marketing company. Whatsoever. This is straight from us to you.

So... drumroll... today's post is our first official run at selling one local experience bundle and one home keeping product! We're kicking off with just two concepts, with more to follow very soon.

Please Note: We have to test the waters a bit, so each of the following is designed with a specific demographic in mind. If neither of the kits on sale today excite you, stay tuned for something very different, both in price and style, within the next week or two. (I don't want to give anything away, but the next "experience kit" will make beer lovers very happy.)


Imagine it's Friday evening, November 30. You're exhausted. Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas is coming. Soon.

In spite of your to-do list, you wish you had the energy to plan something for the weekend. Just a special day to relax and enjoy the season in the company of your favorite people. But if we're being honest, pressing "start" on the dishwasher just now felt like a big accomplishment.

Breathe. We have already organized a carefree, local day out - just for you and your friends or family! The only thing you have to do is find some people to join you and click here to purchase a memorable day. Oh, and make space on your calendar for the first weekend in December.

What will you get for that $49.99 price tag? Two completely unique event tickets, plus a treat that would make any foodie jump for joy. We're also going to provide you with info for details like the best places to park and eat lunch. Basically you just have to show up and let the fun begin.

The first ticket gets you into Grand Ledge's Holiday Traditions Tour. In case you don't know much about it, this event happens once a year and has been around for decades. You get to pop in and out of Grand Ledge homes and businesses, view some amazing interiors, hear some local stories, and get inspired. Frankly, it's a perfectly kosher way to be nosey.

The second ticket is for a hands-on group class, hosted by Erin, owner of Painted Teal in downtown Grand Ledge. You're going to love this experience! Even if you don't have an inner artist to channel, your project will turn out looking like something you could buy at a boutique, because Erin makes everyone feel like Picasso. Materials are supplied with your ticket cost, and you'll be walked through the project step-by-step. After an hour or two, you'll find yourself holding a beautifully painted piece you're happy to either show off in your living room or gift to someone special.

And don't forget, while you're enjoying those experiences, we'll throw in something to munch that's worth writing home about. (This is snack-level, not a whole meal.)

We only have 75 spaces available, so don't take too long to decide if this is the thing for you.


I like to think of myself as a balanced person when it comes to using natural cleansers vs. chemically derived cleaning products. I mean, if I'm scrubbing away and happen to get thirsty, I'd love to just take a refreshing nip of whatever I happen to have in my hand. In my head, it's something like cucumber water infused with lemon peel. And it cleans toilets like a dream. But sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. So when it comes down to it, I am actually the type of person who cringes and yells for my kids to stay far away while I use Roundup on the weeds in the driveway, because vinegar just did not work. I must be a little extreme since my eight year old pretty much thinks that her hand coming into contact with scouring powder justifies a trip to Urgent Care. That is why this solution to a stinky problem makes me happy. Know how you hate taking your trash out to the garage because the dumpster just smells something awful? Well, I recently learned that by retrofitting a little ozone-generating unit and funneling the purified air into your trash container, that pretty much goes away. We've experimented with the unit in several settings for quite a few months, and it works! This thing is super easy to install and maintain; and in addition to making everything smell better, it reduces pest invasions. It's an awesome long-term solution, especially in the hot or humid seasons. I didn't come up with the idea, but it's genius. We've been using one at my own house, and I get a smug little thrill every time I take the trash out. Weird but true. So we've retrofitted one hundred little ozone units, packaged each into a user-friendly kit that includes all parts and instructions, and are making them available to you for $79.99 apiece. We'll guarantee the unit and parts at 100% replacement for twelve months. (From what I can tell, the contraption should last for years if installed correctly.)

And, yes, it's safe. But I don't want you to take my word for it, so we'll include all that info with each purchase. (Shoot me an email if you want all the details before committing.) Click here if you'd like to buy.

I currently have 100 of these available.

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