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  • Ann Duchene

Here's The Idea

This is an sketch of what we imagine the hotel will look like from the street. We're working hard to keep the historic vibe going on the outside, while transforming the inside into a modern space with historic details.

Over the past months, lots of people have asked for specific information about what the Rabbit & Mitten hotel will be like when it's complete.

How many rooms will we have? (Eleven or twelve, depending on whether or not we can put a suite in the attic.) Will every room have its own bathroom? (Absolutely, and bathrooms will be loaded with luxury details like snazzy showers, aromatherapy essentials, and extra-soft towels.) When do we plan to open? (We're shooting to have at least a floor or two open this year.) How much will it cost to stay? (Our room prices are set for an average of $150 per night.)

Technically, our hotel is classified as a "boutique hotel", which is a relatively new type of overnight accommodation. Part of the deal with boutique hotels is that no two are alike... which makes them a little tricky to describe. In general terms, though, boutique hotels are small, hip, packed with unique experiences, and rich in local flavor. They also tend to emphasize high quality food and drinks (not necessarily made in-house, and not necessarily expensive).

So that's the general idea. But on to the Rabbit & Mitten in particular. We plan to make our hotel extra special in three ways. Make that four.

First of all, if you're into techy stuff, this is gonna be the place for you. Our tech platform will help guests completely personalize a visit with just a few clicks from their smart phone. Not only are we automating booking and check-in, but things like room temperature, ambiance, and personal entertainment will be made to order through integrated technology.

Imagine your significant other opening the hotel room door. Suddenly you're standing in a lovely room, the music of "your" song is already playing, your favorite color washes over the walls, and the temperature is already set at the degree you like best!

Of course, if you're not into all that - or if you just want to unplug from technology - every feature can also be handled manually. But the point is, you'll have options.

We've mentioned this second point before, but it's worth repeating. Our hotel will be hyper-focused on offering unique experience options, ranging from the simple overnight stay to more adventurous outings.

We'll offer a wide variety of packages that take the work out of organizing an itinerary, so guests can just dive right in. Whether interests lie in foodie and brewery tours, spa and massage, rock climbing and kayaking, farmers markets and antiquing - we're going to be all about making the ideal weekend happen.

Our third area of focus is packing every single visit with luxurious details. We're planning amenities like designer coffee, scrumptious pastries, cozy bathrobes, fireplaces, spa-like bathrooms. Each room is carefully designed to reflect the unique story of our historic building and local culture in a modern context. So those people who prefer to hole up in a bedroom as opposed to getting out into the community will enjoy every relaxing moment.

Finally, we'll have ideal spaces for both groups and people seeking solitude. Whether guests are looking for a private get-away with beautiful places to retreat and be quiet, or want to rent the entire building for a family event or group of friends, we'll have it covered!

And, I know . This all sounds like it will amount to a very expensive vacation; but we're actually able charge an average room rate of just $150/night. Pretty darn amazing.

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