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It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Drive by the future site of Rabbit & Mitten these days, and you might think things are moving in the wrong direction. Dead patches of grass and broken bits of brick grace the lawn, but inside is even worse. Splintered lumber, dingy carpeting, and twisted metal lie in topsy-turvy piles.

But that's not bad news. Demolition is underway!

Additionally, we have found an excellent architect; and are enthused about the extensive experience and fantastic ideas he brings to the table. (More about that in several weeks.)

In the meantime, we thought some of you might be interested to see our concept floorplans. These will certainly change as we hash out specific project details; but for those of you who enjoy reading schematics, check out the photos below.

I know this update falls more the technical side; however, in the near future we'll be posting some articles that you might find useful for your own DIY projects and adventures. For example, the biggest part of this building is a church that was built one hundred and forty five years ago with lots of Victorian/Gothic detail. So, we're working to honor the building's history by incorporating gothic details into a space that's beautiful, modern and comfortable. As an interior designer, I can walk you through the process with plenty of visuals so you can see how the process works and perhaps be inspired to try something new in your own home - mixing the past and the future in a way that makes you happy.

THREE THINGS TO NOTE: 1) Below are concept sketches I created on my own, and definitely are not official architectural prints. The firm we've hired is not responsible for the mistakes you'll find if you look closely. 2) We're 100% committed to building this hotel out properly, so if you're concerned about how we'll meet code in a specific area, rest assured that each requirement will be addressed before we start to build, and... 3) Yes, every room will have a bathroom, even though they are not included in this initial visualization.





Feel free to shoot me some questions if you have any, and don't forget to subscribe to our email list for regular updates.

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