• Ann Duchene

Penny For Your Thoughts

This post is all about experiences, because every life is made up of them. True, some experiences just happen to us. But we often have a choice in what our experiences are like.

For example, would you rather have your nutritional needs met by swallowing a big pill that smells a bit like someone's barnyard OR in the form of a perfectly seared, grass-fed beef steak? Picture it now... that wonderful, charred smell wafting from the grill, juices oozing toward the potatoes on your plate as you cut a piece so tender you can slice it with a butter knife... Is your mouth watering yet?

But life gets busy, and in the end we often choose the vitamin pill experience out of sheer convenience. Given our way, though, most of us would choose the steak. Every time.

Enough philosophizing. How does this apply to the Rabbit and Mitten hotel and where do you come in?

Even though it's frigid outside, we're busy and focused on getting this hotel up and running. Among other things, I'm putting together plans for some of the best experiences our area has to offer.

We're thinking about what pieces go into that rush you feel after facing an outdoor adventure you've been wanting to try, the romantic evening that feels like it slipped out of a fairy tale, the perfect bonding moment with best friends, or the serenity that comes when you encounter something in nature that's been there all along but you're absorbing for the very first time.

In other words, we're not going for generic, touristy stuff. Our goal is to organize authentic and meaningful fun. Something we want to do ourselves - maybe even over and over. We'll definitely showcase these local adventures as add-on experiences for hotel guests in the future; but we're going for events that appeal to us who live here. And if they sound good to visitors too, all the better!

So that's where you come in. Today we need your advice about what kind of real-life things you'd love to experience if you had the time, energy, and maybe the creativity to pull everything together.

Click here and give us your advice on how to create the very best experiences.

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