• Ann Duchene

The Ghost of Stories Past

We were honored when the Grand Ledge Historical Society invited us to participate in the 2018 Holiday Home Tour. Of course, that meant buckling down to finish up a dozen projects that were 80% done (and posting several "do not enter" signs on doors to rooms that were in progress), but the hard work paid off! Even though our project is far from finished, everything came together beautifully.

During the course of the tour, we enjoyed a lovely time meeting people from both the community and the greater Lansing area as they stopped by to see our property - which is actually the oldest church building still standing in Grand Ledge.

If I am honest, I ate too many cookies and had more than my share of mulled cranberry tea. But my favorite part of the weekend was hearing stories.

One elderly woman walked me through the church building, reliving a memory from over sixty years ago - her wedding day. She talked about the ceremony, a cake reception in the basement, and showed me where they put the gift table. She talked about what weddings were like then compared to now.

Another woman told of leaving Grand Ledge High School for after-school activities that were hosted by local church congregations. She laughed about the solidarity she and her friends felt all day at school, but how they would split up to walk down different sides of the street afterwards. Everyone from the Baptist church took one side of the street, while the Methodist teenagers walked on a parallel sidewalk.

These and many more real life events are etched into the history of the neighborhood and our building, making it a cherished part of who we are. We would love to hear more stories. If you have one to share, please shoot us an email!

Oh, and our Rabbit and Mitten project was recently featured in the Lansing State Journal and the Grand Ledge Independent! Check out this link to read the article, written by Rachel Greco.

Below are a few photos from the weekend of the Holiday Tour. To those of you who were able to stop by, thank you for making it memorable!

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