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  • Ann Duchene

What Makes Us Tick?

You and I must have at least a few things in common. For one, we both call Grand Ledge home. Of course, we don't choose to live here because this place is perfect. (Realistically, who even wants to live in Mayberry?!) We choose to live here because we're looking for a certain kind of life. If you're like me, it's about living the best possible life with the people we love most. And that doesn't happen by accident. We have to work to identify the kind of life we want and to understand why it's worth the effort.

Sometimes it's easy to forget what has gone into making Grand Ledge the place it is today, because our generation is reaping the benefits of the all the hard work and dedication that came before us. But I think we risk losing what we do have if we sit back and just soak it all up. These are our schools, our parks, our neighborhoods.

I, for one, am working to be a catalyst that moves our community toward the best version of itself. At least, I think I am doing that. My kids are part of Grand Ledge schools, I have invested in real estate here, I am opening a business near downtown, I spend a lot of time in our parks and woods, and so on. But I'm just one person, and I have just one perspective.

The more I think about and observe us as a community, the more I want to hear from real, live people. I want to know what you value. Why do you live here? How do you believe we can preserve and enhance what we have going?

We love this place, so let's figure out what makes us tick! I'm not talking about the city government and what they're doing to make this a great community. They already spend all day, every day trying to make Grand Ledge a success. I'm talking about us, the regular folks.

In order to get a genuine, two-way conversation started, I invite you to join me in person. This is nothing official. I'm not pushing an agenda or organizing a group to do something specific. I simply want to sit down together and see what you think about who we are, who we can be, and what it would take to get us there. I want to see where our perspectives line up, where they are different, and how I - or ideally we - can make a good thing even better.

That way we'll know if we're contributing to something that everyone thinks is worthwhile, and not just spinning our wheels. Because who wants to do that?

I'm hoping for at least thirty Grand Ledge folks to show up, so we can all hear a good cross-section of diverse perspectives. (And, no, you don't have to live within city limits.) Let's say 1:00 pm at 205 W. Scott Street on Saturday, September 8th?

For everyone to be able to participate in the conversation, I would like to film it and put a summarized version of what we talk about online. That way, others can watch and contribute give us their take.

We have been handed this gift. It's up to us to accept it (the good along with the bad) and gratefully pour ourselves into making it something we want to leave to our own children.

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