• Ann Duchene

You Asked For It!

Like we've talked about before, Rabbit & Mitten will be a place that offers guests the chance to dive into local culture and experience hidden gems in the greater Lansing area. (For more about that, click here to read a previous post.)

But we didn't want to just start putting experiences together willy-nilly. So a few weeks ago, so we collected feedback from you through a survey. (Your thoughts are important to us! Click here if you'd still like to participate.) We wanted to know what kind of experiences would be the most popular for you - the people who live and work here in our community.

The category that blew everything else out of the water was "Food and Drink Exploration". So... you asked, and we delivered. That's what we've put together! If you find yourself hankering after a true, insiders experience at one of the nation's top breweries, this is all you! Oh, and it gets better. Each ticket also includes a pizza dinner from Frankie's Wood Fired Brick Oven, which won Michigan's most popular pizza shop.


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